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Why me? Founder of a 4 year old business with 3 kids under 10, on a journey (5-years-long and counting) to have more ENERGY for the things that matter. To me - that’s business, family and friends. While balancing me-time for exercise/self care and maximising quality of sleep/recovery.


TL;DR: Random Certificates Issued by Unregulated / Unverified Bodies, Unable to be Checked for Accuracy or Authenticity by Airlines and Border Forces *who then make decisions based on these as to whether a Passenger can a) get on a plane b) enter the country*. …

Not sure which one of the two I am doing in this photo.

Looking through the Dec-Jan2020 issue of Wired UK feels.. surreal. For years (while modelling) I had to hide my intellect and not mention my education. I had to be the pretty dumb blonde. I chose it, for…

Hello and welcome to our Medium page. It seems fitting that our first ever Medium post introduces the new name for our software company, and pays homage to the business formerly known as VChain.

Looking back:

VChain turned three years old in 2019. Without our investors, advisors and supporters —…


Zamna is an award-winning VC-backed software company building GDPR compliant identity platforms for the aviation industry.

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